Saturday, July 27, 2013

Intern Artist

Clarabelle has been drawing, drawing, drawing.  She's been coming along to some booth events as the "intern artist", giving a discount on her designs.  We're doing it that way to encourage a smooth transition for Clara as artist in the booth, and to help all our customers be brave enough to let a little girl draw on them, and in the end be amazed at her ability--everyone's very happy!

Here's the design the intern artist put on me at the start of our (very chilly) event last night to show off her skillz, and Clara at work.  We wrapped her in the saree I usually decorate my booth with, it was just that cold!

Some friends and clients have let Clara and I do their feet together, we enjoy doing that.  They all turned out pretty well!

Clara doing some henna at Bhaktifest:

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